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Summary: One driver in Wisconsin will be feeling the effects after their car was sent flying metres through the air by heat-buckling in the road.
Wheldon died in a 15-vehicle pile-up in the Las Vegas Indy 300, when his car was sent flying over another and burst into flames.
He said: "The prize-money's great, and I'm not knocking Hills, but we have Romeo Reason lame, Roo Come On tore a dew claw really badly up there, and King Lee was sent flying at the first bend.
Ram, who was subsequently sent flying onto the car's hood, said, in the suit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the incident left him with cuts, abrasions and a fractured wrist, reports Contactmusic.
Hayley Adamson, 16, was sent flying through the air and died instantly when she was hit by Pc John Dougal's powerful Volvo estate car on a 30mph stretch of road in a residential area of Newcastle's
Pieces of rubber were sent flying into the fuel tank and ignited it, The Associated Press reported.
Now add to this already over-crowded supermarket aisle over 700 products laden with antibacterial agents, which a germ-anxious public has recently sent flying off the shelves.
If a spike is hit by a big saw in a mill, scrapnel could be sent flying.
TWO moped yobs are sent flying into the air after being hit by a quick-thinking van driver who smashes their bid to steal a bike.
The seven-minute chase only came to an abrupt halt when he slammed into the side of a BMW on Sherwood Lane and was sent flying over the car.
A BIKER was sent flying on to a grass verge after a collision with a car in Northumberland.