sent to prison

See: arrested
References in classic literature ?
An errand of generosity brought him here unknown to us; he was stopped at the barrier, and sent to prison.
He was often caught, sometimes got a good beating, and sometimes was sent to prison.
Sir William died in a few days, and Wingrave, on the evidence of Lumley and Ruth, was committed for manslaughter, and sent to prison for fifteen years
I should be sent to prison, I suppose, when the day came.
Since Ballmeyer or Larsan has been in the Surete a number of innocent persons have been sent to prison.
I became weary of ranging fields and scaling walls, and seriously alarmed at the idea suggested by you, that if caught hovering about here your father would very likely have me sent to prison as a thief.
There's nothing so mischievous as these school distinctions, which jumble up right and wrong, and justify things in us for which poor boys would be sent to prison.
9 (ANI): Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's brother Iqbal Kaskar has been sent to prison till March 22 by a court in Thane on Friday.
He was sent to prison for 12 and ordered to pay a PS115 victim surcharge.
MORE than 38,000 people were sent to prison last year even though they were never convicted of the crime they were accused of.
He added in the operation police apprehended 14 proclaimed offenders and they were sent to prison and similarly police also arrested six drug sellers identified as Tahir son of Abdul Wahid, Raheemzada Gul son of Izat Gul, Luqman Shah son of Javed Shah, Bilal son of Alam Khan, Qasim son of Hamdullah and Nadeem son of Esa Khan and recovered four kilogram hashish from their possessions.
Nadine Linton, 30, from Dents Hill, Newport, admitted money laundering and was sent to prison for 12 months, suspended for 18 months, and given a curfew.