sent to prison

See: arrested
References in classic literature ?
Sir William died in a few days, and Wingrave, on the evidence of Lumley and Ruth, was committed for manslaughter, and sent to prison for fifteen years
I should be sent to prison, I suppose, when the day came.
Since Ballmeyer or Larsan has been in the Surete a number of innocent persons have been sent to prison.
There's nothing so mischievous as these school distinctions, which jumble up right and wrong, and justify things in us for which poor boys would be sent to prison.
A RESIDENT who consistently failed to pay his council tax has been sent to prison.
In their election manifesto in 2010 the Conservatives vowed that people caught with a knife should expect to be sent to prison.
She was sent to prison for 21 days and the diazepam was ordered to be forfeited.
Summary: A US man was sent to prison on Monday for orchestrating a hacker-powered scam to .
TOO many criminals are sent to prison and punishing them in public instead could be more effective, the Bishop of Liverpool said today.
AFAMILY of football thugs were sent to prison yesterday after they launched violent and unprovoked attacks on fellow supporters, stewards and police.
Raja (former Telecom Minister accused in the 2G spectrum scam) and he was sent to prison within a month,"
The study also found out that Palestinian citizens of Israel are not only more likely to face sentencing, but they are also more likely to be sent to prison and serve longer sentences than their Jewish counterparts.