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When people who are constantly tired and feel unrefreshed and who ail from poor sleep go to the doctors, they're sent to sleep specialists, a branch that falls either under ENT or Pulmonology.
The feature is also useful where children are concerned, as parents can cut the power to their rooms at bed time, ensuring they don't stay up late once they've been sent to sleep.
Terry, 11 at the time, was sent to sleep while his brother was strapped naked to a pig bench - used to dismember animals after slaughter.
THE Port Sunlight Players present the romantic tale of Sleeping Beauty, the princess sent to sleep for 100 years under a curse that allows her to be woken by a kiss.
In her own account, Idella Parker (the aforementioned errant maid, who had since returned to Rawlings's service) claims that Hurston was sent to sleep in the tenant house with the black servants.