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In 2004/2005, 1,300 young people on average were in sentenced custody on any given day, down about 16% from 2003/2004 and down 50% since the YCJA went into effect.
judge, the region of the country in which an offender is sentenced, and
The total number of offenders sentenced in a year has reached the highest point for a decade, official figures showed yesterday.
Under the current system, prisoners sentenced to less than four years are automatically released after serving half their sentence.
Juveniles in all states can be tried and sentenced in the adult criminal justice system for certain felonies.
As prisons become increasingly overcrowded and costly, prison officials are under increased pressure to release prisoners to make room for those sentenced under congressional mandatory minimums, meaning they will likely release violent offenders.
A second category of offenders warranting special consideration in the eyes of the public includes those sentenced for what some perceive as "minor" drug crimes.
Accordingly, he sentenced Fanfan to 63 to 78 months, based solely on the facts that were adduced at trial.
Aghajari was sentenced to receive more than 70 lashes and condemned to death.