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In this Boethian passage of Troilus and Criseyde, the Newberry reader highlights a sententious phrase in three different ways.
Briton's interest in Gorboduc's sententious wisdom intersects with the play's advice genre.
And when I started reading Moral Combat, I was expecting the merely sententious or the invidious.
It took Hemingway several decades to work off the effects of his sententious, good-goody first name.
Such is the case of "Negativos," a poetic sequence in which Aguirre demonstrates her ability to distill her ideas and express them with passion and heartfelt sincerity without falling into sentimentality or sententious declamation.
In the Afterword, Hoff claims that the novel's characters "are ironically endowed with the immortals of Greek myths who [in turn] mirror human moral character" (245); it is confusing to then be rocketed into Hoff's own rapid fire allusions to Shakespeare and the Wizard of Oz as we are here: "like the god of the creation ('what fools these mortals be'), is the sententious narrator who is clearly the scrupulously anonymous wizard behind the curtain" (245).
Though hard to take entirely seriously (with its slightly sententious voiceovers and catchy Little score], it seductively sold the architectural project with cinematic sweeps of the sloping interior landscape, wonderful variations in light and shade, and the building's uncompromising, unbelievable whiteness.
Whereas Beckett's correspondence with others is either businesslike or sententious, his letters to MacGreevy reveal of a great deal about the young writer: his uncertainties, his loyalties, his rages, his enmities.
Nothing left to discover or describe,' sententious words of Henry James, 'originality of attitude impossible' where dreams like turning tides disturb the currents and Titian reinvents the nude.
Many of his poems about Others end with aphoristic and sententious statements as this one does, underscoring the poignancy and portentousness that the loss of a venerable way of life provokes.
Yet, Johnson's scientific report is implemented by philosophical assertions reminding the reader of the sententious style and truth-seeking stand typically found in 'The Vanity of Human Wishes' and Rasselas.