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Grellmann's influential synthesis (83) where he sententiously first categorized the Gypsies on the lowest and infamous place within the Indian caste system.
Borges had the idea that the characters in the film could speak sententiously, in unforgettable phrases.
will take the floor as he has irrefutable arguments, evidence that will enable him to sententiously and categorically retort all what has been stated in the grilling statement.
Second, is your clone innuendo, flatly sententiously aimed at exploring the past by scratching 1991 wounds between your communities.
Learn your apples and listen to your fathers, I sententiously instructed the teenagers in the audience.
Perversely packing an ambiguous image of irresponsible pleasure, danger, violence, and brilliant extravagance into a small, dark physical container, the work certainly lends itself to thematic "readings-in": for instance, the issue of the white-cube gallery's relationship to spectacle culture, or "the way in which munitions of a different kind have become a staple of our visual culture in recent years," as FACT'S handout sententiously intones; but such readings only function to contain the poetic image's explosive power.
Matthew Carter writes that Tory's letters "fall short of the perfection he so sententiously claimed for them," but adds, "the prominent serifs--less pure in their geometry than Pacioli's, and all the better for it--make these letters vigorous and stylish in spite of imperfections.
Francesco found Margherita's ability to read useful, but, he nonetheless warned her sententiously against becoming too enthusiastic: "Provide for the family in a way that does you honor and do not spend so much time reading that you do the other things badly; organize other things well and when you have finished you can read as much as you want.
Knockout performances by John Cusack and child actor Bobby Coleman help legitimize a whimsical but sententiously moralizing script about the wonders of parenting in helmer Menno Meyjes' "Marian Child.
I also wonder whether gay and lesbian rights advocates will not find it hypocritical to mount political challenges to the laws of the other 49 states when they have argued here so strenuously - and often sententiously - that only the courts have authority over civil rights.
13) No longer "special shell" or "frowsty barn" but "serious house," as in "house of God," the church is sententiously rededicated to its original mission, though in the poem's final lines Larkin undercuts his persona's contradictory stance by having him add the qualifier that the church "never can be obsolete"--"If only that so many dead lie round" (58, 63).
JAWLE (faintly rouses himself, speaks very sententiously and authoritatively) There being an immense balance of misery and suffering in every human lot, it necessarily follows that marriage, as the chief means of increasing that misery and suffering, is a criminal and anti-social action.