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Instantly the latter was transformed to a sentient creature, filled with pulsing life and alert energy.
If I could collect humanity into one sentient force, I would set my heel upon it without hesitation.
If the corks were sentient we could imagine that they would consider these conditions to be permanent and assured.
Doubtless you do not hold with those (I need not name them to a man of your reading) who have taught that all matter is sentient, that every atom is a living, feeling, conscious being.
Convulsively Histah shuddered and relaxed, tensed and relaxed again, whipping and striking with his great body; but no longer sentient or sensible.
She resumed it at once, on my telling her she might do so, touching the hard marble as tenderly as if it had been a sentient thing, and whispering the words of the inscription to herself, over and over again, as if the lost days of her girlhood had returned and she was patiently learning her lesson once more at Mrs.
Like sentient things--even like the lords and ladies of creation sometimes--might have done much, but did nothing.
Mortimer would often turn to her, as if she were an interpreter between this sentient world and the insensible man; and she would change the dressing of a wound, or ease a ligature, or turn his face, or alter the pressure of the bedclothes on him, with an absolute certainty of doing right.
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