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He played with taste, but with more feeling than was always justified, and into his music poured all his honest, sentimental, exuberant soul.
You have had no former cause of complaint on the sentimental score, Alfred, and you will have none in future.
But the most distinctive and predominant forms of the middle and latter half of the century were, first, the Sentimental Comedy, whose origin may be roughly assigned to Steele, and, second, the domestic melodrama, which grew out of it.
No, no, ladies dear, be always sentimental and soft-hearted, as you are--be the soothing butter to our coarse dry bread.
Yours is the sentimental hope of one fascinated by what she does not understand.
I may not be exactly a sentimental person, but you - you are a flint.
The sun was beginning to grow dreamy, and the whole world to wear a dangerously sentimental expression.
Trent was seldom sentimental, but from the first he had had an uneasy presentiment concerning this man who lay now within his power and so near to death.
My light burned till two and three in the morning, which led a good neighbour woman into a bit of sentimental Sherlock-Holmes deduction.
Only," said he, "it is no longer the sentimental card of the seventeenth century, it is the card of life, very neatly divided into two parts, one feminine, the other masculine; the right hemisphere for woman, the left for man.
Italians are always nice," said Meg, who was a little sentimental.
cried my father, on my arrival into the world-- he had three of them already, and I was his last hope,--and a dummes Frauenzimmer I have remained ever since; and that is why for years I would have no dealings with the cousins in possession, and that is why, the other day, overcome by the tender influence of the weather, the purely sentimental longing to join hands again with my childhood was enough to send all my pride to the winds, and to start me off without warning and without invitation on my pilgrimage.