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Sentimentally, Tony Benn was offered as the signpost.
It is a triumph of this book that no character, even the ones who fail miserably, is portrayed without sympathy, not sentimentally, but with an acknowledgment of the disappointing complexities of love and life.
A pretty picture, sentimentally enhanced by the great star overhead, shepherds and wise men--just like those manger scenes we set up in church.
Social media users provided strong support to a plea which circulated around Facebook on an anguished mom whose desire is to be sentimentally reconciled to her demised baby.
That -- and sentimentally for me -- the film clip of a young Elaine singing a duet with actor Russell Nype in 1953.
We believe that people from Assam and other northeastern states who visit here, will have a glimpse of a small Tibet and they will also be able to connect with it emotionally and sentimentally because Buddhism spread to Tibet from India," said one of the organisers.
It means so much to me sentimentally, it was a gift from my husband.
The actors are sentimentally attached to the aim of the show and have more positive energy due to the element of charity involved in it, he said.
We clutched the enemy from the neck, let me tell you cutting off all their supplies but our military success was transformed into political defeat," he sentimentally said.
The Seemandhra people constitute nearly 30 per cent of the total population of Hyderabad and they have been sentimentally attached to the state capital for decades.
The women in his life hold a central place in these poems, yet his passion for them and the pain he feels over losing them are never expressed sentimentally.