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Through the interstices he saw a lone sentry sitting before the fire.
For several minutes he tried to sight fairly upon the sentry, but the waving branches and flickering firelight convinced him that the danger of a miss was too great--he must touch the heart full in the center to bring the quiet and sudden death his plan required.
He had brought, besides, his bow, arrows, and rope, the gun he had taken the previous day from the other sentry he had killed.
By sundown we had made some distance, even by our slow rate of progress, though to be sure the sentry on the rock was still plainly in our view.
A sickly gas jet cast a sad pallor upon the black face of the sentry.
Stepping boldly into the corridor, I saw that it was now empty save for the single sentry before the emperor's door.
Look you here, sentry, and you shall see how I came and how close a shave I had to not coming at all," I answered, turning toward the edge of the roof, where, twenty feet below, at the end of my strap, hung all my weapons.
A sentry stood at the iron gates and passed Major Thomson after a perfunctory challenge.
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