separate existence

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I want a people that shall have a tangible, separate existence of its own; and where am I to look for it?
It is not at all like a piano or a talking- machine, which has a separate existence.
My son, who has been the object of my life, to whom its every thought has been devoted, whom I have gratified from a child in every wish, from whom I have had no separate existence since his birth, - to take up in a moment with a miserable girl, and avoid me
Incredible as it may appear to the moralists, I had sustained no external hallmark by my term of imprisonment, and I am vain enough to believe that the evil which I did had not a separate existence in my face.
While the guidance issued in Notice 97-5 appears to be rather simple, taxpayers are likely to experience difficulties in its application; the guidance is rather vague, especially in light of the fact that the bank's separate existence is to be ignored for purposes of applying all other Code sections.
In this structure, Alliance would then dissolve and distribute the Intramerican shares to its shareholders, at which point the separate existence of Alliance would cease.
The body, which has every appearance of having had a separate existence, was wrapped in a pice of linen and enclosed in brown paper.
Therefore, the separate existence of the subsidiary was honored pursuant to Moline Properties(14) The ruling warned that "where the parent corporation so controls the affairs of the subsidiary that it is merely an instrumentality of the parent, the corporate entity of the subsidiary may be disregarded.
The Olympics is a special event and the fielding of a team drawn from all four countries of the UK would in no way jeopardise their continued separate existence in world and European competitions.
He contended they conflicted with the principles enunciated by the Supreme Court in Morrissey v Commissioner (16 AFTR 1274 (1935)) and disregarded the separate existence under Kentucky state law of an LLC from its owner.
Beyond the introduction, however, this is a lively book that assesses why some disciplines emerge as separate fields of study and maintain their separate existence while others, despite valiant efforts, fail to establish deep enough roots to earn longevity.
We share the fears of fans from the other UK countries that this precedent might be used to challenge the separate existence of those teams in the future, notwithstanding the assurances given by FIFA that this will not happen.

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