separate oneself

See: retire, retreat
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However, she added, "It is important during holidays to separate oneself from any job-related tasks or activities.
However, this also leads to the frustrating situation where options to separate oneself from the crowd are limited.
But for a small producer, a unique type of wine could be a good tool to separate oneself from the pack.
It is one thing to separate oneself from dictatorial clerical structures, and another to avoid thinking about the ultimate questions in life and live only for the moment.
Van Hoogstraten himself once suggested the pursuit of wealth was 'to separate oneself from the riffraff' and in his own terms he has been very successful.
EXCLUSIVE RAMBLINGS OF AN ARROGANT BULLY The only purpose of having wealth like mine is to separate oneself from riffraff I haven't physically had someone's b***ks cut off.
Though it might have been possible to separate oneself from Wagner's influence, the critics--Wagnerians mainly--argued that one should not stray too far from the master.
Thus for Harper, one kind of fragmentation is to be valorized, for to separate oneself from mass culture is to resist, and to resist offers hope of political change.
The readiness to separate oneself or the inclination to remain separate from other Christians on ethical grounds has manifested itself in recent years around such evidently more substantive issues as racism, war and the "right to life".
an effort to separate oneself from the body; it is only a continuous attention to the divine, and a perpetual exercise of God's presence" (p.