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It allocated a separate paragraph for Turkey to underline that the country is made more vulnerable given the political turmoil and persistent ambiguities as well as harsh economic conditions.
In those cases, where financial statements that include substantially all disclosures are prepared in conformity with a special purpose framework, the compilation report will include a separate paragraph regarding that framework.
This might be accomplished by adding a sentence to the introductory paragraph of the report or a separate paragraph, such as the following: "These financial statements were compiled by me (us) from financial statements for the same period which I (we) previously reviewed, as indicated in my (our) report dated --.
It is presented in a clear, bold font with each event forming a separate paragraph.
By including a separate paragraph specifically addressing loss caused by hitting a bird or animal, the forms drafters created the impression that without that paragraph, there was no intent of "hitting an animal" coverage absent comprehensive.
In addition, a phrase in the final ARF chairman's statement stressing the importance of ''the resolution of security and humanitarian concerns'' was amended and moved out of the paragraph concerning the Korean Peninsula issue to a separate paragraph below.
Each type of funding award is defined in a specific and separate paragraph in the proposed amendment.
I will mention them in sequence as befits my positivist "scientific" pretensions reserving a separate paragraph for brief comments.
In a separate paragraph, titled "Where to get help," you name two organisations, one in Glasgow and one in Northampton.
significant risks and uncertainties) regarding the financial statements in the auditor's report by adding a separate paragraph to the report.
The body of the minutes needs to contain a separate paragraph for each subject and include the following:
The auditor's written communication should include an alert, in a separate paragraph, that restricts its use when the subject matter of the auditor's written communication is based on (Ref: par.