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The woman, whose identity was withheld, tried to convince the airline employees she required her peacock aboard the flight and even offered to buy a separate ticket for the animal, but the airline declined all her requests.
A separate ticket of Rs200 will be needed to enter into the main mausoleum at the Taj Mahal to ensure the protection of the area and better crowd management.
In Julia's case, we feel that her love team with Joshua is a stronger vehicle for mutual stardom, so Ronnie should be given his own, separate ticket to the top with another female comer.
The ID/DD program is included in the Premium and/or Full Convention Registration Packages and does not require a separate ticket to attend.
The latest move by airlines to crack down on passengers involves people who figured out they could save money traveling from, say, Miami to Denver by buying a separate ticket for each leg of the flight instead of one round-trip ticket.
Every winner means a separate ticket, so the odds were stacked in favour of the champion jumps trainer.
It has also proposed separate ticket booths for female passengers.
Note: Frank Meet & Greet, Piper and Tennant Meet & Greet requires a separate ticket.
Parvanov was expelled from the BSP in 2014 after announcing earlier the same year that ABV, back then still a movement, would run on a separate ticket in the EU elections.
Following advice from marine experts, National Express then booked the adventurous crab a separate ticket - one way to Blackpool - where it was subsequently deposited safely back into the sea.
The news came shortly after a separate ticket was formed in Tannourine, headed by local leader Habib Khoury.

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