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With the aid of a vacuum, the perforated rollers of the screen suck up all recovered paper components, causing flexible components to be separated from boxboard material.
"So, while a filet mignon was safe to eat," says Brown, "a hot dog made with mechanically separated meat was not at all safe."
Doctors divided the girls' liver in half, then untangled and separated their intestines.
Just before discharge, the media is separated from the castings and recirculated back toward the intake.
The SiCon report indicates this material can substitute at a 1:1 ratio for coal or heavy oil, creating a desirable market for the separated ASR material.
Regulations section 1.71-1(b)(2)(i), which defines the written separation agreement, says in part "if the wife is divorced or legally separated subsequent to the written separation agreement, payments made under such agreement continue to fall within the provisions of section 71(a)(2)"
Meanwhile the plastic-rich stream from the 12-to-50 mm fraction is shredded and further separated into ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, a wood-rich fraction that is removed by color sorting (it's brown), and a plastic-rich stream.
In the past, when doctors separated twins who shared a heart, the surviving twin has always died within months
Some of the mixed fractions--as well as the power cords separated at the very start of the process--are directed toward the secondary shredder, which is made by Sweed Machinery and most commonly used as a wire chopper.
The wire chop contains about 50/50 PVC and rubber, so these materials are first separated with an electrostatic separator from hamos GmbH to yield material that's 85% PVC, 15% rubber.
The new law also allows an individual no longer married to, separated from or no longer living with a spouse to elect separate liability for any deficiency.