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The problem with this is that separateness, no matter how you slice it, is always going to end badly.
Watson Moyes, a leader in the BUS and an active participant as a Baptist is ecumenical work, has written an important description of the trajectory that took the BUS from "principled denominationalism" to "Evangelical separateness.
We may call this 'strong separateness', to be contrasted below with 'weak separateness', according to which (i) alone is sufficient for separateness (though not for priority in ousia).
If he had to pinpoint one document that relates specifically to exams and corporate separateness, Lauer said it would be an attorney opinion letter stating that the CUSO is a separate entity.
somewhere rings a perennial echo of separateness of each other's
Epstein then proceeds to demonstrate how this separateness or discontinuity experienced by young people has become increasingly damaging to their development and detrimental to the families, schools, and communities in which they live.
Hanuna says he finds special value in eternalizing the language that reflec= ts the uniqueness of this Jewish community, expressing itself through its n= eeds, its separateness from its neighbors and its unique culture.
Of course much of the argument for separateness stems from our appalling record historically.
Let me begin by pointing out that it seems to be the human way to compartmentalize things and make separateness seem "necessary.
Ma, according to Hong Kong media, may be using Wang's appointment to counter opposition criticism because China considers Wang persona non grata and his field of study tends to highlight the separateness of Taiwan from China.
It was to do with their inability to cope with the reality of their aloneness and sense of separateness from others.
In his study, Milke further contends that "an over-reliance on immediate culture (one's own) and separateness now regrettably hampers success for many of Canada's Aboriginals; it is a separateness that is encouraged by some Aboriginal leaders .