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Due to the chemical composition of the separating agent, the bound paint particles combine in the collecting pan to form solid agglomerates which can be removed and disposed of without difficulty.
Fine sorting for separating small recovered paper components is also important, as it considerably simplifies the job of the recognition units.
Consequently, we African Americans sacrificially escape our bodies through an over spiritualization of our lives, trying to transform that which is unholy into the holy by separating our sexuality from our spirituality.
Doctors delayed separating the brothers, who have spent their entire lives lying flat, until their brains and skulls were more developed.
Excessive bearing clearance will result in the roll shifting during operation as roll separating forces vary.
Abby and Britty's parents, Mike and Patty Hensel, never considered separating the girls.
In separating the chairman and CEO positions, it is appropriate that a new pay philosophy and compensation model for the chairman be developed.
Both towns had been separating household wastes for recycling.
Separating the casting from its mold is a necessary step in the metalcasting process.
When it comes to configuring downstream portions of auto shredding plants, the key recently has been automated sorting and separating.
ESR's dense-media tanks for ASR separation have also been separating metals from plastics in the U.S.
Approaching content in this way gives birth to a new software layer separating the user interface and the application server (the middle-tier).