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Ademas, no siempre es posible distinguir las promesas de matrimonio de las verdaderas nupcias; y los terminos divortium y separatio muestran ambiguedades, pues pueden referirse indistintamente a la <<separacion de mesa y lecho>>, a una declaracion de nulidad del matrimonio o a una verdadera disolucion del matrimonio existente.
Sokolowski proposes that a first separatio takes the knower beyond material, mobile being; a second is required to progress beyond the composition of ens and esse to God as Ipsum Esse Subsistens.
Neque enim separatio earum generat sed quod secum de ista tenuerunt>>; Id.
4 THIS IS NOT A FILM (Jafar Panahi and Mojtaba Mirtahmasb) Under mounting repression, Iranian cinema gave us two superb works: Asghar Farhadi's A Separatio and Panahi's courageous, craftily allusive "document" of his life under house arrest.
En ellos encuentra varias indicaciones acerca de las causas del mal moral que al mismo tiempo describen su profunda <<anatomia>>: carentia formae, separatio, remotio, privatio, diminutio, remissio.
Un Pater propone che i canoni sull'esclaustrazione siano messi nella sezione sugli obblighi e i diritti dei religiosi (attuale Capitolo IV); "Cum exclaustrado non sit radicalis separatio ab Instituto, sed licentia ut quis degat extra communitatem, cum quadam suspensione obligationum vitae religiosae, duo hi canones [sull'esclaustrazione] ponantur in Cap.
Licet enim a malis interim vita, moribus, corde ac voluntate separari atque discedere: quae separatio semper oportet custodiatur.
Fit vero ei reverencia ex modo sue consecrationis, que est separatio et distinctio cum solempnitate a re non sacrata.
A second separatio occurs, termed chaos, an agglomeration of matter comparable to a mass of compressed gas.
Probably the separatio n of the cooking space from the central room during the early Thule periods reflects both a social structure based on gender division (or even segregation) and a practical solution to avoid smoke development in the living space and ignition of the driftwood structure.
Surely there is an existential deepening; metaphysical knowledge occurs only with a separatio, or negative judgment; multiple texts on participation cannot be ignored; and the analogy of proportion, the analogy of one to another, is considered fundamental (Thomas employed proportionality only fleetingly in the De veritate).