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As a result of such studies, childhood separation anxiety can be investigated as a significant factor for the anxiety experienced in adulthood.
Maternal separation anxiety has been defined as an unpleasant emotional state mothers may experience when leaving their child in nonmaternal care.
Our findings suggest that rural adolescents can be distinguished from their urban counterparts by an increased tendency to perceive themselves as self-centered, to experience separation anxiety, to seek close interpersonal ties with caretakers, teachers, and peers, and by an integration of needs for dependence and independence.
Baptism by fire is how Carla and Anthony Williamson describe their encounter with separation anxiety with their son Bryce, now 5, after they made the decision to enroll him into an early-learning center.
Phenomenology of Separation Anxiety Disorder in Early Childhood
Treatment of separation anxiety disorder with graduated exposure and reinforcement targeting school attendance: A controlled case study.
Fluvoxamine appears to be superior to placebo for the short-term treatment of pediatric patients with anxiety disorders (social phobia, separation anxiety disorder, or generalized anxiety disorder).
We're thrilled that our first product for dogs can help restore the human-pet bond, which can be compromised when dogs suffer from separation anxiety.
A new study conducted by smoothie and juice company Innocent has found that one in five Britons suffer from separation anxiety when parted from their smartphone.
Previous research has suggested that some cats show signs of separation anxiety in the same way dogs do when their owners leave them alone, but the results of the Lincolnshire study found that they are more independent than canine companions, Dr.
My friend, his fourth owner in 10 months, is committed to that darn dog--despite the fact that her life is suddenly in turmoil, and the dog has separation anxiety, budding dog-aggression, zero recall, terrible manners, and a voice that would wake the dead.