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With strategic border regions like Xinjiang and Tibet populated with ethnic minorities, separatism is considered a serious crime.
Waters, Sharpton, and Bell do speak for many blacks, he insists, not because racism is rising, as many blacks believe, but because the viruses of victimology, separatism, and anti-intellectualism have created a counter-reality within which they live and move.
What Burner brings to the material (besides considerable anger) is a keen appreciation for how separatism grew out of the integrationist civil rights movement.
It is Hughes' deep commitment to a pluralist and tolerant society, his abhorrence of bigotry, that give both urgency and moral authority to his attacks on separatism.
The aggressive separatism which was not timely suppressed, as well as double standards, led to tragedy we have today.
Tohti told the court last week he established the website to promote dialogue between scholars and that he had publicly opposed separatism and violence, Li said.
Whether it is Naxalism, militancy, terrorism, or separatism, all these challenges will be dealt with, and for that my ministry is preparing a comprehensive integrated action plan.
In his statement, Akhmetov denounced the separatism in the region since Russia has occupied and annexed Crimea, a Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula, in March.
The test of what constitutes incitement of separatism is anything that opposes ethnic harmony," he said.
Addressing an event held under the auspices of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), he regretted that Province faced crisis of possible separatism and damage to federation; "but the situation could improve quite well if we are given a chance to avail our 5-year tenure without interference", assuring that the government would be able to inculcate the loyalty of constitution in youth.
The former Belgian prime minister, who would chair meetings on an independent Scotland joining the EU, said separatism was a thing of the past.
Kurdish separatism has been a festering issue in the southeast of Turkey for decades and attacks on Turkish forces and clashes with Kurdish militants of the PKK are frequent in the area.