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There has thus been a change in the nature of the conflict from religious-sectarian violence to nationalist-separatist violence, with the Christians being presented as the RMS separatists while the Muslims are portrayed as Indonesian nationalists.
The two paragraphs in the 1644 Confession devoted to baptism, which represented the major departure points in its affirmations from those of the Separatist Confession of 1596, focused first on the subject; baptism is to be "dispensed only upon persons professing faith, or that are Disciples, or taught, who upon a profession of faith, ought to be baptized" (xxxix).
Although clearly offering a critique of the town's racist, patriarchal, separatist structure and ideology as incompatible with any kind of coalition work that seeks to re-imagine justice not only as fair but also as nurturing and nonhierarchical, Paradise nevertheless indicates the necessity at times of separatism for survival and the (limited) possibilities of coalition within a separatist structure.
What's more, despite a few small separatist incidents, most Uighurs not only reject violence but also probably do not wish to split from China.
One of the great ironies of Catholic separatists is that they are proliferating, and one of the reasons they are proliferating is because America is such a congenial place for the growth of deviant and heterodox movements like theirs.
Twice before, separatists lost secession referendums, by a big margin in 1980 and narrowly in 1995.
It is clear that he has little patience with the conspiratorial separatists but that he can respect the die-hard CUF-types, the Marianists, and the passionate pro-lifers, even while not agreeing with them.
Echoing Tom Wolfe in Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers, he writes, "to the extent that some American liberals patronized separatist black militancy or in its presence became guilt-locked in silence, liberalism became complicit in its own political decline.
The separatist leaders, Parra said, should allow the NSA talks to be held in a cordial atmosphere.
The separatist website, DAN, said at least three people had been killed and four wounded as a result of government shelling of Gorlivka, a regular frontline hot spot northeast of the main rebel stronghold of Donetsk.
Separatist leader Vladislav Deynego was quoted by the Interfax news
The killings began last week when gunmen shot and killed a well-known separatist activist in Sopore.