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On the other hand, both interior and exterior local cases form triads, each of them consisting of a directional, a static and a separative case (terms adopted from Viitso 2003 : 33, 206).
Although they have attracted much academic interest because they may improve some commercially important processes, separative reactors are not used much in manufacturing.
There are essentially four elements: the separative device or controlled workspace; the transfer device for movement of materials in and out; the access device(s) which includes gloves, gauntlets or remote controlled robotic devices; and if desired a decontamination system, which is a method of decontaminating the isolator itself or materials entering or leaving.
In Estonian material and gender are encoded by a substantive in the separative case (25), (32).
Control and maintenance (cleaning, Camera passage, Drains) of the unitary and separative networks.
All the constructions and the landscaping must perfectly integrate with the near environment with a careful treatment of the separative limits.
the clearing of sewerage networks of separative and unitary types as well as the rainwater network, which can be visited or not, as well as ancillary works,
The control group wants to create an alternative equipment to the "Classic" models (high quay, low quay, box), modern and evolutive to sorting, separative "Collective", while controlling the expenses of the community.
Contract notice: Reception, treatment and recycling of metal waste from landfills, deposits and points of separative collection EPCI on behalf of smtvd: Sector South.