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Mulla Had Sabzawar (1797-1878) mentions, in his Manzuma al-Hikmah, separative distinction and otherness and contrasts it to what he calls "attributive distinction" (tamayuz wasfi)--the latter being identical to the comprehensive distinction that was mentioned above.
On the other hand, both interior and exterior local cases form triads, each of them consisting of a directional, a static and a separative case (terms adopted from Viitso 2003 : 33, 206).
Although they have attracted much academic interest because they may improve some commercially important processes, separative reactors are not used much in manufacturing.
As the standard is non-industry specific, there is a further definition of a pharmaceutical isolator as "a separative device that separates a pharmaceutical process or activity from the operator and the surrounding environment".
This operation was aimed at securing the RCD highway in view of increasing attacks and others subversive activities of separative elements, said FC commander.
"By late 2013 Uranium Enrichment Center JSC has to make the first commercial delivery in the amount of 300,000 SWU (separative work unit).
Over USD7.2bn has been paid by USEC to the Russian Federation for the SWU (separative work units) component of the low enriched uranium delivered since 1995.
Less "separative work" is needed as concentrations of uranium-235 increase.
demolition work of the building called "secours populaire" and the separative wall with residents, As well as the reconstruction of said wall.
Zonnour said that at present Iran enjoys the capability to produce and assemble 62 centrifuge machines every day, stressing the country's ability to enhance uranium enrichment output to 190,000 SWUs (Separative Working Units) within two years.
TEHRAN, June 4 (KUNA) -- Supreme Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution Ali Khamenei on Monday ordered authorities to raise uranium enrichment to 190,000 SWU (separative work units).
In conjunction, USEC has paid the Russian Federation more than USD7.2bn for the SWU (separative work units) component of the low enriched uranium delivered since 1995.