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During the two seperate meetings, issues of common interest, bilateral cooperation and ways of enhancing them were discussed.
Summary: Aziza and Saeeda Baali slept in seperate beds Saturday night for the first time in their short lives after a Saudi medical team successfully separated the conjoined Moroccan twins who shared several
Two seperate development firms--including one fronted by former New York Mets heavy hitting first multifamily rental apartment complexes that they plan to renovate.
In seperate news, the airline said it would no longer sell international tickets or domestic first-class or business-class tickets through Expedia.
QUESTIONS Write your answers on a seperate sheet of paper.
August Communications (Winnipeg, MT) has sold five of its trade magazines in seperate deals and has ceased publication of a sixth title.
Recently,in seperate programmes, two female speakers spoke,of of Manchester being the capital of the north west and, the other that Liverpool should get the culture title now we have acknowledged that Manchester is the capital of the north west.
The Scottish local medical committees will call for a seperate contract for doctors north of the Border.
To seperate the others the next available scores were found and M James of the Plough Triers from the Cardiff and District League claimed that with a 25.