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Summary: Agartala (Tripura) [India] March 10 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in-charge of Tripura Sunil Deodhar on Saturday said the Communist Party of India- Marxist [CPI-M] rulers may have hidden skeletons in septic tanks of their official bungalows.
Four frantic days passed after the youngster went missing before his body was found in the family's backyard septic tank.
Cutanda said they had yet to review the footage of the nearby closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) but no one saw how Berdin was able to get inside the septic tank.
Maynilad customers in Barangays Bagbauin, Dalandanan, Lingunan, Malinta and Mapulang Lupa in Valenzuela City may also avail of the scheduled septic tank cleaning.
The septic tank leaking sewage near the home of dad-of-two John Piper
If the septic tank is located on a neighbouring property, investigations will need to be made to ensure that there is a right for you to drain effluent into the septic tank through the system and to discharge clarified water out of the system, together with a right for the clarified water to discharge into either a soakaway or watercourse.
His colleague fell with him in the septic tank as he rushed to his rescue.
He hit out at the "sensational headlines" over the cost of the septic tanks and insisted most people did not object to the charge.
Mr Mills added: "I have a septic tank myself and have registered it.
People trying to sell or buy a property with an unregistered septic tank or those who are unable to provide the correct documentation will find that mortgage lenders will not release the funds to complete the transaction.
But even with a certain level of odor acceptance, the day we opened the septic tank, the stench was shocking.
It's estimated that a person puts out seven pounds of nitrogen a year in waste, and about half of the nitrogen in a septic tank reaches the water table, says Judy Denver, a hydrologist with the U.