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SEPULCHRE. The place where a corpse is buried. The violation of sepulchres is a misdemeanor at common law. Vide Dead bodies.

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complained about denial of access to the Church of the Holy Sepulture and its
J'ai recueilli les corps assassines a la morgue et je leur ai donne une sepulture digne d'etres humains, j'ai promu et defendu les droits de la personne au risque de mon integrite physique et de ma vie.
Entering the church of the Holy Sepulture, Roosevelt was in awe, thinking "that on the very hill which the church covers was the place where Jesus was crucified.
Durant ce travail, les lieux de sepulture, qui ont ete determines, ont permis de constater que les victimes avaient ete enterrees dans des tombes separees.
Elle attend son proces pour profanation de sepulture.
years before his death, therefore vnlikely to haue his Sepulture there.
La lettre pastorale stipule en effet que << ceux qui font partie de ces societes et refusent d'en sortir, ne peuvent etre admis aux sacrements, meme a la mort, et sont prives de la sepulture ecclesiastique >>.
whether Westminster Abbey contains or lacks any one man's grave, so long as the Centuries, each with the crowd of personages that it deemed memorable, have chosen it as their place of honored sepulture and laid themselves down under its pavement.
il[i]us [Te]r[t]ullus, fut dec(urio) al(ae) Fl(auiae), sans doute au IIe siecle d'apres le formulaire et l'onomastique; il a recu une sepulture a Sufes.
The cave in which they had lain, the tree in whose branches they had rested, any and every place of sepulture was saturated in sanctity, and therefore barred and tapu to all save the priestly order.
Mr Saunders, who wrote The Master of Shakespeare, in which he first made the claims, said: "In his writings, Fulke left clear hints that he wrote the play Antony And Cleopatra, and that he had given it 'a far more honourable sepulture than it could ever have deserved.
This argument is supported and expanded upon through readings of Ces Voix que m'assiegent: en marge de ma francophonie, La femme sans sepulture, La Disparition de la langue francaise, and La Nuits de Strasbourg.