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SEPULCHRE. The place where a corpse is buried. The violation of sepulchres is a misdemeanor at common law. Vide Dead bodies.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It was now too late to require the assistance of Roger Malvin's friends in performing his long-deferred sepulture; and superstitious fears, of which none were more susceptible than the people of the outward settlements, forbade Reuben to go alone.
Unlike normally perceived, art is not just a painting hanging on the wall or a piece of sepulture to decorate the room.
The purpose of this book is to help secondary school students through the unfamiliar vocabulary they meet in 19th century texts (mort, quietus, sepulture) or trickier still, words which are still in common use but which have changed their meaning (intercourse, sensible, pregnant).
The Church of the Holy Sepulture today has closed its doors until further notice, in protest will be closed until further notice in protest aganist Israeli government policies, which include allowing Israel to seize sold church lands, and imposing a municipal tax bill.
ne connaissait alors, comme preuve du deces, que l'acte de sepulture, lequel ne pouvait etre dresse lorsque << le cadavre n'a[vait] pu etre retrouve ou identifie >> (95).
(1980): "Construction, remaniements et condamnation d'une sepulture collective neolithique: La Chausee-Tirancourt (Somme)", Bulletin de la SPF, 77 (2), pp.
L'organisation de sa sepulture confirme que Loti considerait effectivement le moment de la mort comme critique dans la fixation de l'identite.