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After its completion, the Sequel was stored at the Wuyingdian ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Hall of Military Eminence), the official printing office of the Qing government located in the Imperial Palace, Beijing, and its circulation was limited to the Qing court.
Condensed Milk.) Suggested sequel: Instead of Sean Penn in San Francisco, it's set in Sierra Leone with Salma Hayek.
Credibility means taking risks and Sequel is a huge technological leap in terms of systems integration.
The Sequel stores eight kilograms of gaseous hydrogen in three cylindrical, carbon-composite fuel tanks, pressurized to 700 bars and mounted longitudinally in the skateboard, beneath the cabin floor.
For example, Sequel 1823 (20 MFR), replaced a PC/PBT in what is said to be the first TPO bumper energy absorber, which appears on the rear of Chrysler's 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Now Hollywood is aiming to make at least as much money from the sequel as the original release.
But at least Hollywood recognises its own failings, hence 1982's cheekily titled Airplane II - The Sequel. TEST YOUR SEQUEL KNOWLEDGE: Spider-man 2, Shrek 2, Harry Potter part 3...
Then there's Claude in the sequel, seemingly healthy, in the midst of gay-marital bliss.
Readers who enjoyed Soul Mates Dissipate will feel like the story is finally complete with the sequel Never Again, Once More.
8 (5) Return To Neverland (U) Sequel to Disney classic Peter Pan.
Actress Zoe Wanamaker has reportedly been written out of the Harry Potter film sequel after she made complaints about the actors being underpaid.