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Lastly, be under-confident always about FMD even your animals is 100 per cent cleared with the conventional lesions, always be prepared for the sequela and replacing your herd or individual animals, always be ready for any sort of respiratory complication for your animals and keep your housing and nutritional requirements too much optimum for such animals.
Avaliacao funcional em pacientes com sequela pulmonar d tuberculose.
Furthermore, a common sequela of mild traumatic brain injury, altered attention abilities, may make concentrating on even the simplest of tasks a major challenge.
The most commonly reported sequela is a loss of septal cartilage support, which can result in a nasal deformity.
Haemolytic-uraemic syndrome as a sequela of diarrhoeal disease.
The adjusted rate ratios showed an increased rate of hospitalization for any sequela of 64%, intragastrointestinal sequelae of 52%, and extragastrointestinal sequelae of 63% for persons with prior enteric infection.
Ten of the 11 remaining symptomatic newborns with abnormal ultrasound findings at birth developed at least one sequela, whereas none of the 8 newborns who were symptomatic but had normal ultrasound findings developed sequelae.