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However, the RDA method with a cloning step requires at least 1 week for the determination of the nucleic acid sequence.
Interpretation of this sequence The repeated appearance in the forum of sequences with structures could have various explanations:
They found that many people now living in Europe and eastern Africa possess three copies of the prodynorphin regulatory sequence, whereas people in India and China usually possess two copies of that sequence.
Most variants in the current database have been identified as single-base mismatches by comparing sequences from overlapping BAC (bacterial artificial chromosome) clones that were sequenced for the human genome or by comparing the reference genome sequence with sequences obtained by shotgun sequencing (Altshuler et al.
The first, on non-marine elastic systems, discusses the difficult application of sequence stratigraphy to fluvial systems, but gives very little information on lacustrine and aeolian systems, although there are relevant studies available.
454 Life Sciences is developing novel technologies for rapidly and comprehensively determining the nucleotide sequence,"whole genome sequencing," of entire genomes.
However, mtDNA analysis is limited when compared with nuclear DNA analysis in that it cannot distinguish between individuals of the same maternal lineage or individuals who have the same mtDNA sequence by chance.
the charge sequence was modified by adding returns before the pig iron.
Deriving the sequence has not been an act of inspired creativity, like Einstein's development of relativity theory, or even Watson and Crick's discovery of the structure of DNA in 1953.
Amplicons exhibited 100% sequence similarity with that of the Y.
The Sanger method routinely sequences DNA segments containing 800 base pairs, while the 454 Life Sciences report describes sequencing only 100-base-pair segments.