sequence of events

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Police still trying to piece together sequence of events
This is an important part of the investigation and it has brought clarity about the manner in which the crime was committed and the sequence of events," said Roy.
The similar disastrous sequence of events that could cause us all to die, predicted in today's nursery rhyme by the climate scientists, seems to have already passed its scare-by-date.
In a sequence of events eerily reminiscent of the struggle over the West Side Stadium, Extell Development Company has submitted a plan to build 11 residential buildings on the site just a day before the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's deadline.
Hiwi and Pat Tauroa outline the sequence of events that begins when visitors arrive at the gates of a marae and ends with their departure.
I think there's a lesson screenwriters should learn from the The Passion of the Christ: there's a big difference between a story and a mere sequence of events.
Counsel then set up interviews with all of the key players (the CEO, VP Sales, CFO and Controller) to explore the sequence of events and determine if there had been fraudulent activity, then report to the board.
Since all pertinent documentation has been lost, what Barbieri does, and does brilliantly, is to shape peripheral data and related archival information into a likely sequence of events.
Initial wire service reports in the June 27 Register-Guard incorrectly reported the sequence of events.
Transportation Command, MTMC is required to follow a time-phased sequence of events to set the deployment wheels in motion.
When you trace a sequence of events, it often seems that each development gives rise inevitably to the next.
Unfortunately, the "cultural strategies" of both the benefactors and the exploited groups produced by this sequence of events, led to further impoverishment.