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2013) re-confirm the importance of analyzing the context of the utterances in order to be able to identify instances of meaningful exchanges (within the epistemological frame of exploratory dialogue) in their sequentiality in time and space.
A multimodal analysis would then be an analysis of a fundamental minimal, of that which synchronizes speech, gestures, space and other actions in constructing the interaction, casting light on how social interactions and meanings shape themselves in the sequentiality and temporality of these actions.
The educational attainment variable is not then multiplied by a sequentiality oriented "complement" to the parallelism interaction to form another interaction variable, else severe multicollinearity with the TotalDomains variable results.
This holds true for Indian comics creators seeking to take their creations to the walls of an art gallery too, since the basic nature of the medium is tied up with narrative sequentiality.
From pre-Modernism to Modernism, this narrative universal was altered so as to differ from the 'realistic' perception of sequentiality.
In Walter Ong's words, the book is inferior to the computer because the latter "optimizes analytic sequentiality by making it virtually instantaneous" (p.
25) More radical definitions of narrative exist, such as Monika Fludernik's, which posits the depiction of human consciousness as the key to narrativity and thus allows event and sequentiality to be disposed of.
Chiesa is correct to recognize that Agamben's attempt to conceptualise messianic time in such a way to defy sequentiality is a failure; but, this is not because it falls back on a single transformational messianic event.
Efficient cause works in time, sequentially; final cause and formal cause work outside time and are simultaneous--there is no sequentiality about them.
This study shows that in early conversational interchanges as well as subsequently in more extended narratives and first serves as an empty discourse filler, indicating merely that more utterances are to come, and subsequently it is used for linear chaining of events along the time line, together with and increasingly replaced by explicit markers of sequentiality such as after that.
Chen, "Dual queues cache replacement algorithm based on sequentiality detection," in SCIENCE CHINA INFORMATION SCIENCES, Volume 55, Number 1, Research paper, 2011.
6) Film scholars sometimes note a similar dichotomy at the heart of their own subject: a tension between film's ability to manifest pure and simple presence through its images and the inherent sequentiality of the medium.