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The current phase is the growing of a selected algae strain in photo bio-reactors, utilizing the carbon dioxide (CO2) flue gas coming from the exhausts of the generators, (with the aid of sunlight and some nutrients, through the process of photosynthesis) to sequestrate the environmentally harmful CO2 emissions and produce high value compounds like vegetable oil which can be used directly as a bio fuel instead of diesel and or jet fuel, carbohydrates and protein to be used in the animal feed industry and the release of oxygen back into the atmosphere.
She then threatened to sequestrate properties owned by miners' union officials.
While Wena's file was "lost" and Wena rendered impotent to implement its Luxor judgement, the EHC took this time to obtain, from a temporary judge, an order to sequestrate the hotel from Wena on grounds of rent due.
Instead of throwing out meaningless phrases like "being found guilty in the court of popular opinion" why haven't we made laws to sequestrate the assets of these criminals and sent in the police?
They raised a petition at the civil court in Inverness to sequestrate Whyte, who lives in Castle Grant, Grantown-on-Spey, Moray.
I believe a course can be followed that will effectively sequestrate Webster and then eventually transfer certain assets to Claire's family.
However, if we can sequestrate carbon dioxide in the way this project envisages then it is a win, win situation.
The probe into King began two years ago and recently ended at the South African High Court where authorities were granted the right to sequestrate his assets.