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Bacteremia caused by Gordonia bronchialis in a patient with sequestrated lung.
2] will be piped offshore again and sequestrated in a mature oil field.
In that unit, recovered CO2 would be sold for enhanced oil recovery operations and eventually sequestrated underground in stable geologic formations.
There are now more than 100 global examples of carbon dioxide being safely sequestrated in either of these ways, explains Prof Jon Gluyas, Dong/ Ikon chair in Geoenergy Carbon Capture & Storage at Durham University.
The resulting system produces low-cost electricity and a pipeline-ready CO2 byproduct that can be sequestrated or used in enhanced oil recovery without requiring additional expenses and processes.
Since iron deficiency commonly occurs on calcareous soils, an application of sequestrated iron in early spring helps.
I won't pretend to understand the Hong Kong legal system, or the true financial repercussions for Brum - but my next door neighbour's dog's just had his holdings sequestrated, and it's obviously something that strikes a blow, moralewise.
There are thousands of Sahrawis who are psychologically and intellectually sequestrated in Tindouf, where they suffer and endure harsh treatment which is not always known because the press is denied access to the camps.
Those assets were frozen worldwide, fines were imposed totalling pounds 1 million and his property was sequestrated.
If we are buried the carbon is sequestrated while if we are cremated the carbon is released into the atmosphere.