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[1,4-6] In our cases, sequestrated and extruded fragments were almost completely resolved in a short time such as two months.
In IPS( also known as intralobar pulmonary sequestration), the sequestrated portion is located within a normal lung lobe and lacks its own visceral pleura while in EPS (also known as extralobar pulmonary sequestration), the sequestrated portion is located outside the normal lung parenchyma and has its own visceral pleura.
Surgical treatments for highly migrated and sequestrated disc herniation of the upper lumbar include the traditional posterior laminectomy and the percutaneous endoscopic technique.
A mass of intervertebral disc herniation may be classified as protruded, extruded, or sequestrated that represents free fragments.
Tumor lesions include metastasis, schwannoma, and malignant lymphoma, while tumor-mimicking lesions include sequestrated intervertebral disc, hemorrhagic synovial cyst, hematoma, and abscess [7].
Posterior epidural migration of sequestrated cervical disc fragment: Case Series.
These include the amount of carbon that can be sequestrated, its cost and the anticipated environmental impact.
Geneva - US NGO "Teach the Children International" exposed, on Friday in Geneva, the embezzlement by the polisario leadership of humanitarian aid sent to the sequestrated population in Tindouf camps (south-western Algeria).Speaking at a conference within the framework of the 17th session of the UN Human Rights Council, representatives of the US NGO, Nancy Huff and Dona Elizabeth Sams, laid bare the embezzlement by the polisario administration of the aid that was supposed to reach the population in the camps.
Those of us, however, who have operated upon and removed prolapsed and sequestrated discs usually find that they are so jammed in position that it is obvious that no power on earth could induce them, by manipulation alone, to go back into their original home in the inter-vertebral joint.
They also called Algeria to respect its international obligations and allow the UNHCR to take a census of the sahrawis sequestrated in Tindouf Camps.
OFFICIALS at the north's 'central bank' said yesterday there was no need for concern after it sequestrated two high street banks on Friday.
An estimated 5 gigatonnes or 15 per cent of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions - the principal greenhouse gas - are being absorbed or 'sequestrated' by forests every year, making them the "mitigation engine" of the natural world.