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Second, the sequestered corporations are not parties in Civil Case 0002 and therefore have no personality to ask for a lifting of their sequestration, even if there is no more reason for it.
Third, due process should be accorded the other shareholders (our laws require at least five owners in every corporation) and officers who had been prejudiced by the sequestration. If, for other reasons, the PCGG believes that these assets should be re-
Pulmonary sequestration (PS) was first described by Rektorzik in 1861 and reported incidence is 0.15% - 6.4% of all congenital pulmonary malformations.4 Embryologically, different theories have been proposed regarding its development.
Different radiological modalities are used to diagnose pulmonary sequestration with an aim to define the nature and extent of the lesion, identify the aberrant arterial supply and venous drainage.8 Chest radiographs can give a reasonable diagnostic clue to pulmonary sequestration in combination with clinical correlation, but some are too small to be detected by conventional radiography.
Perhaps nothing reflects the convoluted impact of sequestration more appropriately than the Pentagons 2015 budget request.
Not wanting to throw cold water on the tenuous near-term budgetary compromise reached by Congress, the Pentagon budgeted to the Ryan-Murray number in 2015 while adding about $115 billion above sequestration levels into its longer plan.
Intralobar pulmonary sequestration as an unusual cause of recurrent hemoptysis.
The two types of bronchopulmonary sequestration are intralobar (ILS), as in our patients, and extralobar sequestration (ELS).
A bronchopulmonary sequestration represents an abnormal, nonfunctioning mass of lung tissue that lacks a connection to the tracheobronchial tree and that is supplied by a systemic artery.
Not exempt from sequestration are Tricare for retirees under 65, active duty Tricare, the Service's operation and maintenance budgets, personnel costs, commissaries, (which have already reduced hours by one day per week), Federal civilian pay (including doctors and civilian furloughs), or DoD Schools (teacher furloughs).
Romney has sought to tie Obama to sequestration, saying it is an example of the president's feckless leadership and inability to secure a better deal.