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Ettore Francesco Sequi, Italian Ambassador to China and Dr.
Tenders are invited for Sanitary and Plumbing works in connection with the Construction of Three Storied Quasi Sequi Centinal Building for ABN Seal College in the District of Cooch Behar
After the session, the head of the EU delegation in Albania, Ettore Sequi, praised the vote, underlining the importance of consensus and dialogue among Albanias feuding parties.
RF Industries ROSEN Grnup/Switzerland Schneider Electric SEQUI, Inc.
Bowra associated this epigram with the damage wrought by monks on pagan monuments and statues after Theodosius' law of 391, damage which Theodosius himself tried to restrain with a law passed in 390: quicunque sub professione monachi repperiuntur, deserta loca et vastas solitudines sequi adque habitare iubeantur ('whoever is found professing to be a monk, let them be ordered to seek and inhabit deserted places and vast areas of solitude', Cod.
Arvizu, together with Ettore Sequi, the EU ambassador,and Fiona McIlwham, the British ambassador, met with Bamir Topi, the Albanian president,to stress that the "return of dialogue, respect of institutions, maturity and equilibrium is of a vital importance".
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While other fighting regimes et el eugiam, sequi te velit have all that tippy tappy nonsense, the cornerstone of Muay Thai is a hard, powerful kick with devastating effects - and an extremely specific technique.
Currently that position is being filled by Ambassador Ettore Francesco Sequi.
Outgoing EU super envoy in Afghanistan Ettore Francisco Sequi warned on Monday any peace negotiations with militant groups should not cross the "redline.
Ex actu igitur alicuius seipsum defendentis duplex effectus sequi potest: unus quidem conservatio propriae vitae; alius autem occisio invadentis.
165, "Eulogium": "Hic nunquam hostile quenquam vel saeva merentem / supplicia est animo passus ad arma sequi.