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This article aims to demonstrate that political skill is a key characteristic that, when possessed by acquired top managers, will positively influence not only the creation of value, but more importantly, the creation of serendipitous value.
However, the person browsing the physical shelves will only enjoy the serendipitous benefit from one of the subject headings associated with an item.
Steve Goldner, senior director of social media for MediaWhiz, notes that, in light of the serendipitous news reading study, "Publishers now need to consider how to optimize the consumption of their content."
It assumes that opportunities form based on either deliberate search or serendipitous discovery.
Your expression of thanks could be a serendipitous gift, arriving just when someone needs a boost.
Most word mavens, including fans of the OED, have taken to online habits these days, but there's nothing like the serendipitous pleasure of reading the OED - usually with magnifying glass in hand - and happening upon unfamiliar and delightful words.
A "library" area, with original maquettes, brief videos, and ephemera Soth has collected on his journeys, offers insight into the photographer's serendipitous practice, and the catalogue includes a fortyeight-page artist's book, The Loneliest Man in Missouri.
This paper explores how a jazz analogy can be useful when analysing classrooms in which serendipitous events were exploited and performances were improvised.
MOST SERENDIPITOUS encounter I met this rancher from Alpine, Wyoming, at a music festival in Idaho.
Some specific subjects examined include emotion- and gender-aware VoiceXML applications, fostering serendipitous interaction in public intelligent environments, interacting with smart environments via clickable photos on mobile phones, supporting introspective human behaviors through technology, and mining purchase history to predict adoption of mobile computing.
AS almost always, Tom Slemen's celebrated contributions to your columns suggest serendipitous, if slightly skew-whiff, supplementary sentiments (ECHO, November 28).
Such serendipitous stumbles are now being commemorated in the government's Science: So What?