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I hasten to add that this is serendipitously accidental rather than federal-governmentally conspiratorial.
Then, earlier this week, serendipitously, a bright supernova was discovered, not in our own galaxy but in one of the nearest and brightest to our own.
The X-ray telescope on Swift has played a key role in these discoveries, but as well as finding the afterglows of Gamma-ray burst (GRB) it also sees many other unrelated X-ray sources that are serendipitously in the telescope's field of view.
The place at Manchester was held open for a year, but in the meantime I obviously had to eat and serendipitously got a job for six weeks at the Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent, in a production of King Lear.
Smooth in texture and serendipitously juicy, this is something you must try if mushroom is your thing.
Serendipitously, a new legislator sees an opportunity to do the right thing while building a reputation as a caring politician, and the need for early intervention services comes to the attention of the state's governor.
In the tax strategy example just described, the investment team serendipitously found an employee who had saved all of the profit forecasts produced in response to the tax department's expensive and time-consuming twice-yearly survey.
If there's someone with a quirky story, a dodgy past or a comedy existence, I'll serendipitously end up sitting next to them in a cafe, or bar and hear their chat.
Serendipitously, assisted by Pratt Institute-trained architects and engineers, they worked for one year to close off the area and the sections above it in order to place support to bolster the building, while they took down the wall.
Roy Langley - father of Toby L, who co-runs Transgressive Management - was staying in West Wales when the a selection of covers by blues-loving Jodie serendipitously wound up in his lap.
That simple question led him to far-flung villages in Africa and the Arctic and serendipitously to the discovery of hepatitis B in the mid-1960s.
Serendipitously, the fifth feature, a Readers" Forum submission, "speaks Truth to Power.