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It also serendipitously provides me with an opportunity I didn't think I was going to get - to play The Kazimier, Liverpool's most happening club of recent times, before it closes its doors and its era ends - if you're going to do it, you may as well do it upside down and the wrong way round.
Serendipitously, the antimicrobial peptide shows promise for protecting humans from cancer; it can inhibit the growth of prostate and bladder cancer cells, as well as multi-drug resistant leukemic cells.
Serendipitously, the emotional resiliency and self-discovery that this workbook provides will transfer into other aspects of life as well.
Despite their importance, proteolytic processes have largely been identified serendipitously, specific cleavage sites have rarely been identified and only a few of the hundreds of proteases encoded in plant genomes ( 800 in Arabidopsis) have been linked to any substrates.Positional proteomics enables system-wide identification of proteolytic processing and protease substrate repertoires through quantitative determination of protein N- or C-termini.
But when a change in an artist's practical circumstances--whether planned or accidental--forces her creative practice and day-to-day routine into closer-than-usual proximity, the results can prove serendipitously engaging.
Now, researchers from the University of Missouri, in an effort to grow placenta cells to better study the causes of pre-eclampsia, serendipitously discovered a previously unknown form of human embryonic stem cell.
We have breakfast and/or dinner together twice to thrice a week; outside of every other chance we try to serendipitously "bump" into each other.
Then Will Hammerstein serendipitously made a reservation at the B&B in 2010.
"Through the course of our journey to Love Is On, perhaps serendipitously, we found love in Revlon.
The idea behind the brand relaunch and the new tagline was generated "perhaps serendipitously" as company executives discovered that "L-O-V-E is at the heart of the word Revlon, and O-N is at the end of Revlon, " Delpani pointed out.
As it turns out, Carl had serendipitously uncovered the most complete fossil of an early jawed-fish known anywhere in the world!
Serendipitously, another theatre across town, the American Blues Theater, had the rights to do a new adaptation of the novel by playwright Nambi E.