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The show first filmed at Serendipity Antiques, which Simon has owned since 1998, back in 2012.
In addition, in order to align the interests of the CEO with Episurf Medical's shareholders, Serendipity Ixora has provided financing at negotiated terms.
Love in a cold climate: Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack in Serendipity
Serendipity Tailormade will follow up its attendance at the Travel Counsellors conference with training for the travel company's team of UAE-based travel professionals, introducing them to the halal-friendly travel experiences the tour operator offers.
The Diocese of Sorsogon has adopted Project Serendipity to address poverty and the need to empower our people.
Cafe Serendipity, which was founded by Bob McNulty, intends to market an offering of accessories, apparel, coffee and teas, bakery and other edibles, lotions, marijuana and oils.
Annie Mostoufi, owner of Serendipity, said: "I have had 10 apprentices work with me since I first set up my business and didn't have a second thought when recruiting Shannon.
Tuesday McGillycuddy's mother is a writer, using the pseudonym Serendipity Smith.
A project at University College London is trying to find out why do lucky accidents seem to happen to some people and not to others and if there is any way we can make ourselves experience more serendipity, or at least learn how to recognise and take advantage of it when it happens.
Get lucky; how to put planned serendipity to work for you and your business.
It is all about utilizing what they call "planned serendipity.