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Sparsit, with a dignity serenely mournful, 'was familiar with the Italian Opera at a very early age.
Whether she is hovering vertiginously above city streets and highways, floating serenely over the countryside, or soaring above towns, harbors, and monuments, Jacquette examines the relationships between the man-made and the natural, urban and rural, agrarian and industrial, and the worlds of power, labor, and leisure.
However, Sunday's trio sailed serenely through to the next round, and all we got were the disembodied voices of question setters congratulating them and trying not to sound too disappointed.
Michael Dally, 37, sat passively, almost serenely, as he listened to the plea that he be sentenced to life in prison without parole, rather than death.
Our spectacle is increasingly defined by the interactive technologies of virtual reality that put us in the midst of the phantasmagorical whirl rather than serenely outside it.
The news headlines serenely scroll on the bottom or top of the screen without interrupting running applications.
THE DRUGS issue in tennis has completely overshadowed the Australian Open this week - yet the man who sparked the controversy sails serenely on, writes Kevin Garside.
Palmer repeatedly pulls Berman so that she can swoosh serenely past him, her feet in toe shoes flat on the floor, like a paper boat blown by the wind on the surface of a lake.
The writer referred to it as a "sail" and, indeed, it serenely guides the house into a celestially surrealist orbit that denies the right-angled mass of its core.
A statue of the goddess Diana gazes serenely over a reflecting pool in one garden and, in another, the mermaid fountain is a masterpiece of hydraulic planning.
The women have a serenely feminine port de bras, and they shape their technical passages with modesty and accuracy.
Regina keeps the Evita styles on display at her shop, atop a sextet of serenely half-smiling mannequin heads.