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This time his bilious green eye took the initiative, and set his bilious brown eye the example of recovered serenity.
We see light again, since his Serenity has been appointed, your excellency," said Timokhin timidly, and continually turning to glance at his colonel.
But when his Serenity took command everything became straight forward.
Splendid trees reared their stately tops where splendid cathedrals once had reared their domes, and sweet wild flowers blossomed in simple serenity in soil that once was drenched with human blood.
We were in need of fresh meat, yet I hesitated to shatter the quiet and peaceful serenity of the view with the crack of a rifle and the death of one of those beautiful creatures before us.
With tears and prayers and tender hands, Mother and sisters made her ready for the long sleep that pain would never mar again, seeing with grateful eyes the beautiful serenity that soon replaced the pathetic patience that had wrung their hearts so long, and feeling with reverent joy that to their darling death was a benignant angel, not a phantom full of dread.
Jonathan Poulter, who co-owns Serenity Jiu Jitsu with Anne Haswell, tweeted the businessman about his martial arts gym as part of the Small Business Sunday, Mr Phapitis' regular online slot in which he promotes small businesses.
Sanya Serenity Coast crossed the finish line in Hobart at 16:29:23 local time on Friday 29 December 2017 to finish first out of 11 Clipper Race yachts and 40th overall.
Eric Gilbreath is being hailed a hero after helping locate a missing toddler named Serenity Sanders, who disappeared from her home in Dekalb County, Alabama, on November 2.
Tews, the founder of Serenity House Counseling Services in Addison, died Saturday after nearly 52 years of sobriety and a battle with Parkinson's disease.
A LUXURY care home is opening a new specialist dementia unit called Serenity to support residents with the most complex needs.
But moments before being sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison for methodically stealing from Serenity Lane, the 60-year-old Sappe and her attorney finally offered an explanation.