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Bakhoum lives in Dassilame Serere, a scattering of thatched huts, mud-brick buildings and sandy roads sitting beside a meandering branch of the Saloum River, but took his three-year engineering degree in Moscow.
The practice remains insignificant among Serere (2%) and Wolof (0.
Estimating the burden of rhodesiense sleeping sickness during an outbreak in Serere, eastern Uganda.
Les langues parlees par le groupe, largement multilingue, presentent diverses combinaisons, formes d'hybridation et niveaux d'oralite: l'anglais, l'arabe dialectal marocain, le catalan, le dioula, l'ejagham (ekoi), l'espagnol, le francais, le mandinka, le more, le peul, le serere, le soninke, le tamazight et le wolof.
Cotton is undergoing GM research at Serere (Eastern Uganda) and Kasese (Western Uganda) to achieve Bollworm resistance and herbicide resistance.
The leaves were collected during the months of June and July 2008 from experimental plots at three sites of Serere, Soroti district (033[degrees]26'48.
Of the fifteen inmates in our study four were Wolof, three were Bambara, two were Serere, two were Diola, two were Soce, one Lebou, and one Soninke.
Nungwari va ri nozongaro ete nu twa serere okuriyamekako.
Beginning as an ethnic Serere, the future co-founding member of Negritude was exposed to western culture through the French colonial school system.
Ethnic groups (2003 census): Mandinka 42%, Fula 18%, Wolof 16%, Jola 10%, Sarahule 9%, Serere 7.
Her origins are from another area of Senegal called Sine Saloum (North of the Gambia) and she belongs to the Serere ethnic group.
Decia el Pontifice: non secundum ritus aut sectam Bulgarie gentis vei Ruzie, aut Sclavonice lingue, sed magis sequens instituta et decreta apostolica unum pociorem tocius ecclesie ad placitum eligas in hoc optus clericum Latinis adprime eruditum, qui verbi vomere novalia cordis gentilium scindere et triticum bone operationis serere atque manipulos frugum vestre fidei Christo reportare sufficiat.