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Cotton is undergoing GM research at Serere (Eastern Uganda) and Kasese (Western Uganda) to achieve Bollworm resistance and herbicide resistance.
The leaves were collected during the months of June and July 2008 from experimental plots at three sites of Serere, Soroti district (033[degrees]26'48.
Nungwari va ri nozongaro ete nu twa serere okuriyamekako.
Beginning as an ethnic Serere, the future co-founding member of Negritude was exposed to western culture through the French colonial school system.
Ethnic groups (2003 census): Mandinka 42%, Fula 18%, Wolof 16%, Jola 10%, Sarahule 9%, Serere 7.
Her origins are from another area of Senegal called Sine Saloum (North of the Gambia) and she belongs to the Serere ethnic group.
There is some disagreement about the origin of the name Saturn but it is thought most likely to be related to the Latin word satus 'sowing' from the verb serere 'to sow'.
An interesting instance of this occurs in Adagia 3647, entitled "Execrationes serere," where the source is Pliny, 19.
There are indeed further research stations carrying out work on sorghum at Ukiriguru and at Serere in Tanzania.
The beautiful Ramata is after all a child of the Senegambian coast and hinterland, home to populations of Diola, Wolof, Tukulor, Serere and Lebou migrants with surviving folk memories from Ancient Egypt and Sudan in the Nile valley.
Chez les Ouolofs, les Sereres, les Pulars etre ceddo, c'est avoir l'esprit caustique, etrejaloux de sa liberte absolue.