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Most large IT server providers are currently launching products that take advantage of serial processing.
DataPort Serial ATA Storage Enclosures can also support IDE/ATA hard drives when using the company's new IDE-to-Serial ATA removable drive carriers as an optional feature.
Like many other behavioral classifications that attempt to label complicated and complex sets of variables, efforts to standardize a definition of serial murder have failed to achieve a consensus.
Unlike one-off clips and one-hit wonders, the serial nature of audio and video podcasts provides advertisers a high level of predictability in determining the appropriate advertising context and audience composition for their brands, which often varies widely.
Serial Attached SCSI will also lower complexity by providing a common storage platform for mission critical and business critical storage.
Harry Mason, President of the STA Board of Directors and Director of Industry Marketing at LSI Logic, stated, "The Serial Attached SCSI specification continues its predicted development and review schedule.
Agilent's serial link optimizer software is based on the infrastructure provided by the Xilinx ChipScope Serial I/O Toolkit, introduced in April 2006.
To support this co-existence of Serial ATA and SAS drives, SAS defines three transport protocols:
The ESP-2 MI simplifies serial peripheral access by providing LAN connectivity for two serial devices via standard DB9 ports that can accommodate RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 connections.
The new PICkit Serial Analyzer comes complete with a 28-pin demo board populated with a PIC16F886 Mid-Range 8-bit microcontroller.
Serial Attached SCSI will also facilitate the development of hierarchical storage solutions that promise to lower the cost of storing static content.
Because of the small die sizes of SST's serial flash products, the company is able to offer high-density products in smaller packages compared with some competing solutions.