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Prof Wilson said: "My hypothesis before starting out on this was that the serial killers we looked at could be responsible for far more murders than the ones they have been convicted of, or admitted to.
In the new episodes he will look to apply academic theory to the world of real crime committed by real serial killers.
When Mallick began discussing serial killers last month, the lecture involved everything from sexual perversions and cannibalism to decapitation and torture.
Our collection started in yesterday's Daily Record with Th e Dance Hall Serial Killer Bible John's Reign Of Terror.
The serial killer was reportedly arrested as he was attacking a woman in Shubra.
The serial killer concept may be modern American, but it is really no more than a present-day recognition of a phenomenon that stretches back, unflagged, over the centuries.
Of course, a celebrity outlaw, such as bank robber John Dillinger, is one thing, and a serial killer is quite another.
Kelly believes the suspected serial killer in Central Massachusetts is more refined in his choice of victim.
Here, Fincher takes a much more factual approach to the crime scene, overturning most of the serial killer genre's tricks along the way.
We all want to know that serial killers are going to get caught," the actor says.
We compete online for serial killer board games and action figures, gobble up endless hours of cable programming and films featuring their lives and deeds, and read hundreds of best-selling books about one serial killer after another, even though we know the outcome before we open them.
This horror novel traces the origin of "The Lady" and follows one reporter's attempt to document her and escape from the clutches of an insane serial killer.