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In recordings of his police confessions, played on CBS Reality programme Voice of a Serial Killer, he said: "In the end there were two or three bodies under the floorboards.
Top criminologist Professor David Wilson has warned there could be two active serial killers on the loose in Britain at any one time, based on his detailed analysis of previous murders and unsolved killings.
The employee was never identified and the German and French police finally concluded that there was no mysterious female serial killer.
Of course in his war against drugs, there would be casualties and collateral damage but that does not make the President a serial killer.
I've discovered that many comedians are interested in serial killers and the dark side of life.
Trevor spent a 16-year career with the Bedfordshire police and when he retired decided to open up a cold case investigation into the notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper.
For the twentieth century Downing considers British killers Myra Hindley and Dennis Nilsen, and American serial killer Aileen Wuornos.
That book was about serial killers, this, too, is about serial killers.
8220;Phelps's “The Dead Soul” takes readers into the mind of the serial killer like no other thriller could.
As well as TV shows, the Birmingham academic is also behind best-selling books including A History of British Serial Killing, which outlined what made a serial killer and who they were most likely to target.
Professor Wilson was also sure that he had investigated the worse serial killer he had ever come across in the new season.