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The inforgraphic was created in advance of IQPC's Pharmaceutical Serialisation and Traceability Conference taking place in Switzerland this November.
Having now seen the full manuscript and in light of the serious leaks from the book that have appeared in many newspapers, the Mail on Sunday has decided not to proceed with this serialisation.
PharmaIQ's 5th annual Pharmaceutical Serialisation and Traceability Summit which takes place on the 4 [sup.
And the Mail on Sunday paid Hewitt about pounds 500,000 for serialisation rights - a record for a British author - which has exposed the group to accusations of hypocrisy.
The serialisation was discussed at a meeting of the Scottish Labour Party Executive on Saturday.
Frost & Sullivan believes that mass serialisation, a process by which a unique number is assigned to each saleable unit (pallet, case or individual package of drugs), can provide the foundation to develop a workable solution to help combat the trade in counterfeit drugs.