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Staffan Widengren, Director of Corporate Projects at Recipharm and head of the global steering committee for Recipharm's serialization project said: Recipharm recognized the complexity of implementing serialization at a very early stage and so we've been preparing for the new regulations in the US and Europe for a long time now.
3 million serialized and aggregated packs to markets such as China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Turkey where serialization regulations are currently in place.
Regardless of the serialization program size or volume of products (from a few hundred to billions of unique identifiers), the Investigator App quickly helps identify and resolve problems with distribution and fraud.
Chapter one provides a useful survey of the historical and theoretical landscape of serialization within nineteenth-century periodicals, paying special attention to the use of illustration as a collaborative feature.
While the DSCSA is the primary impetus for pharmaceutical companies to implement serialization solutions, customers can gain more from their efforts than simply meeting mandates.
Equipment suppliers and contract packagers provide their insight into the latest capabilities, customer needs, advances with serialization and what to expect from packaging equipment down the road.
Abstract: DDS is a communication framework that permits the external serialization server (ESS) to communicate bi-directionally with a device-specific programming algorithm running as part of the programming application.
The session will outline the immediate and long-term benefits of an enterprise serialization solution and create a roadmap to help decision makers plan and implement a brand protection program.
com), a global provider of packaging machinery and serialization solutions and a worldwide leader in bottle unscrambling technology, now offers the LCX Unscrambler with patented rotary cam pockets.
The system is capable of printing GS1 barcodes for track-and-trace and electronic pedigree serialization.