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A single chip can communicate serially at high speed using four channels, and it allows two-way simultaneous group conversation between up to seven people.
g, serially managed, mission essential, and controlled inventory); and
The FB DIMM eliminates this "stub-bus" channel bottleneck by using point-to-point links that enable up to eight multiple memory modules to be connected serially to a given channel.
Even though Washburn's colors (of the Benjamin Moore interior type) seem hastily, almost serially added, they enliven the work and add dimension, calling attention to this piece of wood, that pool of sawdust.
The move to serially connected storage devices, primarily disk drives, is irrefutable.
Process information may also be downloaded to an external device in a spreadsheet format, or serially interfaced to a data acquisition system for real time trending, as well as historical process parameter archiving.
A 70-year-old woman pleaded guilty Monday to serially smothering eight babies born to her decades ago but won't go to jail so researchers can learn more about why mothers sometimes kill their newborns.