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Five additional subjects' parents declined study participation, and 14 children, age 3 years, were not tested due to their inability to properly seriate six geometric shapes of different sizes.
The Lucerne pluton is predominantly comprised of a coarse-grained seriate hornblende, biotite granite with megacrystic feldspar crystals.
In other news, Bluewater convinced the US Seriate to pass a resolution banning the use of the toxic fuel additive MTBE.
Mineralisation is mostly hosted in the seriate porphyritic monzonite phase of the Cadia Intrusive.
They should start with a hypothesis and then seriate their trials to come to a conclusion.
Puts the sticks in mixed order randomly and can't seriate.
Ali Seriate, Ben Ali's former head of security, is also among the group.
With nothing to seriate, time depth has apparently remained un-addressable particularly for surface deposits, but also in many stratified rockshelter deposits where datable samples are often exceedingly rare.
The intrusion is chiefly comprised of medium- to coarse-grained, megacrystic biotite granite containing alkali feldspar phenocrysts up to 4 cm long (Lutes 1979) but also contains medium-grained, seriate granodiorite.
Three facies have been defined: 1, outermost coarse-grained seriate facies; 2, porphyritic medium to fine-grained facies; 3, innermost fine-grained equigranular facies (phenocrysts rare to absent).
By having children place five graduated-size cookie monsters and cookies into five cookie jars, they can create relationships between objects, seriate (arranging objects in order from largest to smallest) and establish one-to-one correspondence (placing one cookie and one monster in each cookie jar).