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Vessels in dendritic or Sideroxylon capari diagonal and/or radial pattern, rays heterogeneous, 1-3 seriate and parenchyma diffuse and diffuse-in- aggregates 14a.
plus [J.sub.x-1] plus [J.sub.x] at seriate each [RLS.sub.No1~NoX] on the right of No1 [RLS.sub.No1~NoX].
While Shohei's work was outstanding, he did not survey all the blocks to make an overall plan before getting started and did not seriate all the blocks according to stability.
This strain has been maintained by seriate passages in mice, through weekly chimings, in the Departamento de Analises Clinicas, Toxicologicas e Bromatologicas, Faculdade de Ciencias Farmaceuticas de Ribeirao Preto, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Ribeirao Preto--SP, Brasil.
The methodology from Wong and Baker's study was modified to include testing 3-year-olds' ability to seriate six blocks from smallest to largest, asking subjects to rank only two procedures/treatments, using three scales, and conducting the study with African-American children.
The Lucerne pluton is predominantly comprised of a coarse-grained seriate hornblende, biotite granite with megacrystic feldspar crystals.
"We hope Chevron and CARB learned a lesson." In other news, Bluewater convinced the US Seriate to pass a resolution banning the use of the toxic fuel additive MTBE.
Mineralisation is mostly hosted in the seriate porphyritic monzonite phase of the Cadia Intrusive.
They should start with a hypothesis and then seriate their trials to come to a conclusion.
Puts the sticks in mixed order randomly and can't seriate.
As far as histology exam was concerned, macroscopic examination described a nodular tumor of 3.5/3/1.7 cm; seriate sections show a compact, brown-yellow micronodular structure.
Ali Seriate, Ben Ali's former head of security, is also among the group.