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The sample (90-AR-180) is an undeformed, medium-grained, seriate granodiorite that is mostly composed of partly to totally saussuritized plagioclase, quartz, and lesser amounts of altered potassium feldspar and variably chloritized biotite.
Contract notice: Open procedure for the award of the home care service (sad) the territorial seriate.
With Alexander Cambitoglou, he was able to attribute, seriate and catalogue thousands of vessels and fragments in The red-figured vases of Apulia and its supplements.
hypidiomorphic hypidiomorphic inequigranular/ seriate inequigranular, sub-ophitic porphyritic Elliott Mountain Diorite Principal diorite, quartz diorite, rock types tonalite, gabbro Primary plagioclase ([An.
Running the service of integrated management of municipal waste and assimilated waste in the municipality of Seriate, including the stages of collection, transport, recovery and disposal of waste, street cleaning and the interventions of urban hygiene, of performing services on demand and the management of municipal waste collection center of Via Lazzaretto 4.
It is a coarse-grained, seriate to porphyritic, biotite [+ or -] hornblende, titanite-bearing granite with abundant intermediate to felsic magmatic enclaves and less abundant mafic schlieren.
1 [January, 2007]), the proceedings from a conference on "Cristianesimo, Ebraismo e Islam: Esperienze di Incontro," held October 28-29, 2006, in Seriate, includes the following articles:
Recent studies of vascular tissue development in Botrychium (Stevenson, 1980; Chau, 1986; Takahashi & Kato, 1988) have revealed strong similarities between the radially seriate xylem in the stem and the secondary xylem of gymnosperms.
Single-edged swords, the grips of double-edged swords, shield bosses, lance heads, axe heads, arrowheads, knives, strap mounts and horse bits are all used to seriate the grave assemblages.
The contract has as its object the award of Technical Services / Professional, aimed at - The presentation of the request for funding to the Cariplo Foundation under the call 100 municipalities efficient and sustainable- The preparation of documents for the activation of a tender procedure for the award of EPC contracts, aimed at the realization of investment in energy efficiency and renewable sources on the buildings owned by the municipalities of Brusaporto, Grassobbio, Nembro, Pradalunga, and Seriate Villa al Serio.