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[Latin, Severally; separately; individually; one by one.]


(sear-ee-ah-tim) prep. Latin for "one after another" as in a series. Thus, issues or facts are discussed seriatim (or "ad seriatim") meaning one by one in order.

See: consecutive


‘one after another’, as listed in a series or list.

SERIATIM. In a series, severally; as, the judges delivered their opinions seriatim.

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In its early years, after the adoption of the Judiciary Act of 1789, the Court, following the practice of English common-law courts--specifically the King's Bench--typically rendered decisions in the form of per curiam and seriatim opinions.
43) For example, Professor David Currie noted the difficulty posed in extracting a holding from the seriatim opinions in the early and still important case of Calder v Bull (1798) 3 U.
Todd (2007), "From Seriatim to Consensus and Back Again: A Theory of Dissent," John M.
In contrast, seriatim and parcel-specific zoning amendments defended by Fischel and Nelson impose very high informational costs on buyers and developers.
d Glenquest has triumphed twice over hurdles this season, scoring off 106 at Navan in November and, last time, looked in great fettle when beating Seriatim and Spacious Ski comfortably off a mark of 114 at Down Royal.
Shulman surveys his prophets seriatim, chronologically, as his authors increasingly trouble and complexify their visions.
13) In many cases, there were no official statements of the Court's reasoning at all, (14) and, where we do have seriatim opinions, they represent each Justice's comments on the case--usually brief ones, as far as we can tell.
The practice of publishing dissenting opinions in common law countries originally comes from the tradition of the English courts wherein judges rendered their judgments by individual seriatim opinions.
Four teams of experts may be formed to deliberate on such item listed in seriatim to research and give a prudent report to Planning Commission formulating realistic vision to be publicized and executed after brain storming.
map, either amendments or variances, are made seriatim.
Seriatim a Northern light Five of the 15 runners are trained in Northern Ireland and they include Seriatim, trained in Larne by Roy Wilson.