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[Latin, Severally; separately; individually; one by one.]

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(sear-ee-ah-tim) prep. Latin for "one after another" as in a series. Thus, issues or facts are discussed seriatim (or "ad seriatim") meaning one by one in order.

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‘one after another’, as listed in a series or list.
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SERIATIM. In a series, severally; as, the judges delivered their opinions seriatim.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Seriatim" means "in series." First, the bombs addressed to the Obamas and Maxine Waters came in, then others.
(18) During that time, the House of Lords did not publish reports of its decisions, seriatim or otherwise.
Parece plausible--esta es, en cualquier evento, mi tesis--caracterizar este conjunto de pasos como un protocolo por el cual la masiva presencia de opiniones disidentes y concurrentes, asi como el rol limitado de las deliberaciones <<cara a cara>>, califica a esta corte no exactamente como un cuerpo colegial--el cual entiendo como la existencia de una sola voz por la cual la corte debe pronunciarse, como en la tradicion juridica clasica francesa--sino mas bien como una corte plural, propia de las instituciones judiciales inglesas, cuyas decisiones se profieren en seriatim. (47)
(42) In the Court's first decade, the Justices generally delivered seriatim opinions, rather than producing an opinion for the court as a whole.
The decisions are made seriatim. It presents an image that he's being dragged kicking and screaming to each new stage, and it dilutes the implementation of what he's done."
In the context of a brief history of dissent he reviews three models of ways in which courts has delivered their judgments in the course of Anglo-American jurisprudence: the English model where the seriatim delivery of the judgment of each judge individually; delivering an "opinion of the court;" and the modern US practice where judges decide individually whether to "write separately." His history demonstrates that "the history of debates about the opinion delivery practices of Anglo-American courts has been about court power" (p.
But to be an integrated plan, these issues should form a set of interconnected considerations rather than a list of questions to be tackled seriatim. Consider the presence and significance of an organization's mission and values in an integrated plan.
To observe this is merely to observe that Turner delivers history seriatim, so that the racial thinking of a philologist like Michaelis can sometimes look like a personal aberration and Spinoza's Tractatus theologico-politicus appear as an instance of his having "barreled through the door opened by La Peyrere, Grotius, Selden, and Hobbes" (60) rather than an example of what Sheldon Pollock has called the basic activity of philology: making sense of texts.
First, by their very nature, they are citywide votes, thereby reducing (if not eliminating) the pressures for NIMBY-exclusion characteristic of seriatim decisions.
Pictured l-r: Sonya Weisshappel, Seriatim; Peggy Lee, LVMH Inc; Michael Cahill, Weichert; Megan DeMartinis, The Mi Group; Daniel Baum, Daniel
Although one obvious remedy would be for the issue teams to deal with the taxpayer seriatim, this would reduce the intended efficiency of the audit and is dependent upon all of the audit teams conferring and reaching a consensus as to a collective approach.