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Royce's map-within-the-map on the soil of England is an illustration of Cantor's discovery that infinity need not sprawl off into vertiginous seriation, but can take on manageable order, specificity and determinateness.
This instrument assesses the general competence in mathematics and the specific areas of comparison, classification, correspondence, seriation, verbal counting, structured counting, resultant counting, and general knowledge of Numbers.
The UENT assesses eight aspects of mathematical competence: concepts of comparison of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of objects; classification of objects in class or subclass; correspondence of one to one relation; seriation of objects in class or subclass based on criteria; using counting words, forwards and backwards; structures counting, synchronous counting, shortened counting from the dice structure; resultative counting, structured and unstructured quantities as well as counting hidden quantities; and general knowledge of numbers, being able to use knowledge of the number system in simple problem condition.
According to the numerical seriation there are 1st, 2nd and 3rd or last molars in the specimen provided.
Now that the comic has trained us first to accept and then defy the demands of its words, the classmates seem to embody not different, specifically named girls of a class photo, but versions of Marji--like swatches of the cartoonist's palette, a study in both comics seriation and the expressivity of the eyes in spite of constraints on gesture and dress.
2008): "Le Neolithique ancien au Maroc septentrional: donnees documentaires, seriation typochronologique et hypotheses genetiques", Bulletin de la Societe Prehistorique Francaise, torne 105, n.
Using clustering, seriation, searching for assossiation rules and other method it is possible to handle the data in context of gaining information about similar entities in the population, the centroids in clusters, make a decision about to which clusters belongs new entity which entered population.
The present research represents a test of the effect of adding seriation instruction to oddity instruction to produce an advantage in both forms of abstraction.
The test was designed to assess computation (40%), geometry and measurement (30%), classification, patterning, and seriation (15%), and data collection, display, and interpretation (15%); similar content and representation of skills was reflected in the fifth-grade test.
Carlin's example employs seriation (listing) and illustrates the satirical possibilities of the device:
Seriation, conservation, and theory of mind abilities in individual with autism, individual with mental retardation, and normally developing children.