series of measures

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The proposal was drafted by Deputy City Attorney Alana Bowman and is part of a series of measures Solis has introduced over the years on domestic violence.
It follows a series of measures announced last autumn by Education Secretary Gillian Shephard in response to teaching unions' demands.
In collaboration with an international team of experts, they are working on a series of measures aimed at creating a simple and practical procedure to identify patients at risk, determine their nutritional needs and monitor their nutritional status.
SIG has moved to offset the pressure with a pounds 325m cash call to investors and a series of measures to cut costs - including the closure of 80 trading sites and 1,000 job losses.
Arriva Trains Wales has brought in a series of measures at the stations including improved use of CCTV technology, introducing ticket-gated entry at Queen Street and working with British Transport Police on high-profile policing operations.
The Government is to introduce a series of measures to relieve farmers of the increasing burden of red tape and bureaucracy.
It also set out a series of measures designed to empower people borrowing money and to ensure lenders treat them fairly.
The reforms are the latest in a series of measures to curb unemployment, currently at 9.
David Wadham, the solicitor acting for the former spy worker, said: "The government is using a series of measures to try to make him shut up but we will be fighting this case on the basis that David has the right to freedom of expression and that the public has a right to know about malpractice in MI5.
The Irish parliament passed a series of measures in August aimed at making it easier for police to gather evidence and harder for suspects charged with drug offenses to get bail.
NYSE: KF) today approved a series of measures designed to enhance shareholder value and to maintain the Fund's viability:
Banks should now be reined in through a series of measures to ensure they have enough funds to survive without help during the next downturn, the FSR said.