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And after this warning, if he shall be of opinion that he can find enough of serious in other parts of this history, he may pass over these, in which we profess to be laboriously dull, and begin the following books at the second chapter.
be serious about any thing," he resumed, "it's time to be serious with you.
This is a far more serious matter than any of you suppose.
I see nothing to laugh at -- you would all be serious enough if you had my responsibilities.
The prince, bewildered by his mother's serious manner wished to reply, but he could only stammer out some unintelligible words.
All those beautiful shiny portraits of gentlemen in black velvet waistcoats, with their fists doubled up on round tables, or marble slabs, are serious, you know; and all the ladies who are playing with little parasols, or little dogs, or little children--it's the same rule in art, only varying the objects--are smirking.
there are only two styles of portrait painting; the serious and the smirk; and we always use the serious for professional people (except actors sometimes), and the smirk for private ladies and gentlemen who don't care so much about looking clever.
His name was originally Muntle; but it had been converted, by an easy transition, into Mantalini: the lady rightly considering that an English appellation would be of serious injury to the business.
In a number of states, interagency agreements between mental health and vocational rehabilitation agencies have been signed to provide additional, nonmental health resources for persons with serious mental illness.
It is that they fail to engage us in a serious effort to grapple with the meaning of our common world, our common history.
Scotlands Serious Organised Crime Strategy annual review reveals police officers made nearly 3,000 arrests over the last year of people known to be involved in serious organised crime.
1 million over-50s are living with serious illness in the UK - but this is likely to rise to four million in the next 10 years.